Friday, 27 April 2012

May 7th-10th, 2010 pt.3

Today was spent recovering.  We started the day with a hearty breakfast: eggs benedict

GISdood helped me change my rear tire

Yeah, I don’t think I can squeeze any more miles out of you.  Bye bye Kenda K270, hello Shinko SR244  

Jack was having a BBQ at his place and we were all invited to come over.  His garage was stuffed with motorcycles.  Most of them were for the safety course though.

The following day Jack offered to take us out riding on some dirt roads and to brush up on our off-road riding skills before tackling the Dalton Highway up in Alaska.

Trying out Jack’s KTM dirt bike; much nimbler and responsive than our KLRs

Amanda getting ready to tackle a sandy hill on Jack’s KTM

We were in awe watching Jack go airborne

Amanda making her way through deep sand…

…not as easy as it looks

I barely made it through the deep stuff when it was my turn to go.  Jack insisted that I do it again on his bike because he sensed that I wasn’t comfortable with it.  He said it was better to walk away feeling that you gave it a second try knowing that it wasn’t fluke than to walk away feeling scared and hesitant.  I gave it a second try and made it through.  I’m so glad we had the opportunity to ride with Jack.  He pushed us beyond our riding level and made us more competent riding in the dirt.  Thanks Jack.

Back at GISdood’s trying to get one more ride report entry in before we hit the road.  Might be awhile before we get internet access again. 

One last meal with our gracious hosts GISdood & Brandi

A lazy Sunday.

Practice session in the sand.

I think we’re ready.

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