Monday, 23 April 2012

May 5th, 2010

The moment of truth starts now.  From here we make our way up to the great white north where the eagles fly high amongst mountains and the population of bears outnumber humans.  I feel that all the riding experience we’ve gained thus far is going to be tested on this leg of the trip; riding on the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, Alaska will be the real test.  We said our goodbyes to Uncle Paul and Tom and they wished us luck.  When the time comes, I hope we are ready.

We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell in a town called Squamish and found that Canada’s rendition of Taco Bell is a disgrace compared to the U.S. and vowed never to eat there until we make it into Alaska.

Can it be?  The Abominable Snowman, also known as Sasquatch, Yeti, and Big Foot here in Squamish? 

Darn it, just a few months too late. 

Being born and raised in Ontario all my life, mountains like these never cease to amaze me

Let’s have dinner here and enjoy the view

We managed to spot a path that led into the woods and decided to camp here.  Not sure if we were in bear country or not, we set up a bear hang for the first time on our trip for practice and to err on the safe side.  You just never know.  Amanda and I have never camped in an area where it would be unwise not to create a bear hang.  The thought of the possibility that yes, a bear might come and eat you in the middle of the night is quite unnerving and exciting all at the same time.  No matter how uncommon it is for that to happen, it has.  I knew we shouldn’t have watched Grizzly Man. 

201 km

Great white north awaits.

Food in bag hung high in trees.

Bear spray close at hand.

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