Wednesday, 25 April 2012

May 7th-10th, 2010 pt.1

Another beautiful day to start the day off.  We broke camp and just as we’re about to leave, Amanda’s bike wouldn’t fire up.  We tried pushing the starter button again, but this time nothing happened.  I hope it’s only a broken fuse and nothing major.  

Phew!  No biggie, just a broken fuse after all.  We’ll be back on the road in no time. 

Inside Williams Lake Visitor Centre.  Most visitor centers in BC have free public internet access.  This was how we got in touch with GISdood in Prince George to let him know approximately when we’ll be arriving. 

We stopped at Wal-Mart in Quesnel for a bite to eat and bumped into a fellow KLR rider.  His machine was virtually brand spankin new.

We continued riding north along hwy 97 to Prince George where GISdood offered to put us up for a few days.  He had mentioned that he would meet us somewhere along hwy 97 after he was done work and that he would be riding a yellow Suzuki DR650.  Sure enough I paid close attention to every rider that passed us going southbound and did the customary motorcycle rider wave.  One rider on a yellow dual-sport bike waved back with a little more effort than the norm and knew it had to be GISdood.  We turned back and sure enough it was him and he led us back to his place.

Casa de GISdood

The stable

We met GISdood’s lovely wife Brandi and the four of us had a wonderful supper and talked about each other’s adventures

Post-dinner entertainment was provided by the housemates…

…and was amplified further by a few supplemental beverages.

A few of GISdood’s friends came over and we all rocked out on the video game Rock Band.  We were utterly shocked at how well they played together.  Brandi was tearing it up on guitar playing on the most difficult level; we’ve never seen such dexterity in the fingers like that!  We found out later that they entered a Rock Band competition and won a trip to Vegas.  They weren’t just good, they were really good. 

321 km

Another blown fuse.

Hand-eye extraordination.

Rock Band champions.

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