Thursday, 5 April 2012

April 12th-16th, 2010 pt.1

We spent the next couple of days hanging out with Radioman, updating the ride report, and did some general maintenance on the bikes.  We did a few mini excursions in and around Portland with Radioman and took advantage of the nice weather.

The International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park

The man that proposed the idea of a test garden to city officials

The Beach Memorial Fountain, named after Frank L. Beach, is the man said to have christened Portland as “The City of Roses”. 

Another view of the fountain.  It was too early in the season so there weren’t many roses

This tree however had a few flower pedals blooming 

Roses are sent to the garden from different parts of the world and are tested for color, fragrance, disease resistance, and other attributes.  It is the oldest continuously operating rose test garden in the U.S. and exemplifies Portland’s nickname of the City of Roses.

Doing a little bike maintenance.  Yeah, this tire definitely needs to go. 

Amanda always insists on doing her own maintenance.  Just let me know if you need a hand.

Radioman had one of those nifty tire changers in his garage, which made it a heck of a lot easier than using tire spoons.

Brake pads needed replacing too.

Tada!  Good as new.  This is the first time using Shinko 244s, which are cheaper than Kenda 270s.  Both are clones of IRC GP1s I believe. 

Now it’s time to do a little maintenance on ourselves by going out for a run.

It was hard to get back into the groove, especially when you go from exercising on a daily basis to hardly at all over the past 6 months. 

Running with Amanda made it a lot easier

Came across this sign during our run; nice to know that the city is looking out for motorcyclists.

Amanda loves to do this whenever she gets the chance; shake the tree and watch the blossoms fall.

Bike needs some work done.
In the City of Roses. 
Body needs work too.

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