Tuesday, 24 April 2012

May 6th, 2010

First night in bear country and we didn’t get eaten.  Bear hang proved to be successful; no signs of it being tampered with.  1 down and about 30 more days left to go in bear country.  We better get out of this wooded area and eat breakfast down the road; wouldn’t want to push our luck and have a bear get the drop on us just as we’re leaving.

We found ourselves going up in elevation once again along hwy 99.  Another sign we won’t find back home in Ontario…

…nor will we see mountains as tall as these.

The convenience of urban living is slowly fading away

Stopped at a scenic lookout near Lillooet overlooking Seton Lake

The view was amazing

If only I got a nickel for every Kodak moment we came across

Our first encounter with a bear…unfortunately the poor cub was somebody else’s roadkill

We made it to 100 Mile House starving, but fought the temptations of going for the buffet

We opted for a combo dish and got a whole lot more than what we bargained for

Not knowing where to camp, we asked our waitress who happily gave us directions to a place close by where we wouldn’t be bothered.  

244 km

BC mountain range.

A picture perfect moment.

Cub not fast enough. 

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