Saturday, 7 April 2012

April 12th-16th, 2010 pt.3

Of course there were days when we sat back and vegged when Radioman was out and about running a few errands. 

Not sure if Radioman made this or bought it this way.  Brilliant piece of artwork nonetheless. 

Breaking in our new sleeping bag liner we got from the local REI.  If we’re to go to Deadhorse, we must prepare for the unexpected cold spell.

Updating the ride report.  Notice how the stickers are accumulating on my laptop? 

Getting acquainted with one of Radioman’s roommates…

…here’s the other one hiding in his home in the garage.  Look at that ramp Radioman built for his kitties.  Did I ever mention how nice of a guy Radioman is?

Made a few alterations on the tank bag

Get Lost: Oregon; a documentary about 6 motorcyclists who travel 835 miles of off-road through desert, mountains, and forests of Oregon.  One of them gets lost.  The film was very inspiring and had us at the edge of our seats.  Radioman knew one of the cast members who lives in Vancouver, Canada and is going to contact them and see if we could swing by and say hello when we get there.  Sweet!

For those of you at home who don’t know Aerostitch (yes, there are a few of you), it is a store that specializes in adventure motorcycling gear.  In their catalog, they have a few items that are intended to be for humor purposes only i.e. they don’t exist.  We sincerely apologize if Amanda’s ridiculous rendition of a southern accent offends anyone.  She developed a kind of drawl when we were down south and she just went with it.  Even her sisters make fun of her to this day. 

Just hanging around.
Wonder what they have in store.
Too much time on hand.

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