Thursday, 26 April 2012

May 7th-10th, 2010 pt.2

The four of us took to the streets and attended a motorcycle show & shine in town

There was a motorcycle skills obstacle course set up by the people from PG Learn to Ride: Defensive Motorcycle Training.  Bikes were provided as long as you have a valid motorcycle license and a helmet.  Seldom do I ever pass on the opportunity to ride a bike I’ve never ridden before.  Where do I sign up?

Oh yes, riding on this Honda Rebel 250 sure brings back old memories.

 Last minute instructions from Jack, the head instructor.  GISdood helps Jack teach some of the motorcycle safety courses.

Here we go!

Some words of wisdom

Wow.  The last time we met riders from Women in the Wind was way back in Fellsmere, Florida with TheRidingLibrarian.

Prince George’s official mascot Mr. PG, constructed as a symbol of the importance of the forest industry to Prince George

Riding along University Way

Scenic lookout

Later on in the evening the four of us went to the Riverstone Bar to watch the awards being given out from the show & shine. 

We hopped in GISdood’s SUV which is imported directly from Japan.  Notice the driver’s seat is on the opposite side. 

Busting a move on the dance floor

There were balloons strung up on the ceiling which had tickets inside them to redeem prizes.  Later on in the evening they released the balloons on the dance floor and you had to pop them to get to the tickets. 

Both Amanda and I won hoodies which will come in handy as we head further north.

My reward for being the designated driver was driving GISdood’s SUV.  It was weird driving on the opposite side. 

When we got back to the house, there was a bee flying around and Amanda wanted to catch it with a cup.  We all laughed at the idea as Amanda had a few drinks in her and was already tipsy.  There was no way she would be able to bring herself together and manage to catch it without stumbling around and hurting herself in the process.  The bee landed on the ceiling and Amanda quickly seized the opportunity.  She climbed up onto the table, reached up and caught the bee using the cup on her first try.

It took the three of us a moment to actually realize what she had done; complete silence, and then started laughing in hysterics.  It wasn’t even really that funny, but I was laughing so hard, my belly was aching.   

Pop goes the balloon.

Keep your eyes on the pylon.

Bumble bee savior. 

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