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April 21st, 2010

This morning we stopped by at Walgreens Pharmacy to pick up a few odds and ends and headed to the library to check email and forecast information before heading out to Olympic National Park.  $kywalker offered to ride with us to Montesano in which we happily obliged.  Weather is suppose to be good for the next couple of days which is great because it will allow Amanda to build back her confidence on two wheels again. 

Cruising along on Route 8.  When we got to Montesano, we pulled into a gas station to top off.  We thanked $kywalker for his hospitality and parted ways.

Amanda’s bike was due for an oil change so we stopped at a Wal Mart in Aberdeen to do just that.  For those of you who are planning your first cross-country motorbike trip or simply just want to cut down on costs, this is how we do it.  First, you purchase a gallon of water and use it all up to fill up or change the existing water that’s in your hydration packs.  Keep the empty jug; you’ll need it to contain the used oil. 

Then you purchase your oil.  We’ve been told by many that Shell Rotella T is tried and true.  Actually, Kamala back in Boston was the one who told us it.  It’s also inexpensive too! 

If you don’t have enough clearance to fit the jug underneath, ride your bike onto a curb so that the front tire is resting on it.

Strategically place your empty water jug to collect the used oil.

Doesn’t hurt to grab a store flyer and place it underneath the jug to avoid spillage.  We used a few extra paper towels we kept from various fast food chains.

Replenish oil.  Don’t forget to reinstall the drain plug! 

Recycle oil.  Most Wal Marts have an auto center and will happily recycle your used oil free of charge.  This particular Wal Mart didn’t, but there was a Ford dealership across the street that had no problems recycling it for us.  Voila, oil change done!

We noticed the forests on either side of us became denser as we rode north along route 101

This was where we had to turn off to get to our campsite

Another National Park under our belts

The beauty of nature never seems to get old.

It feels like we’re thousands of miles away from civilization.  Can’t wait for what the great white north has to offer.

There was a sign warning vehicles that the next 2 miles were not paved and to use with caution; another reason why dual sports are the best.  We made it to the campground with no problems.

Yay!  A perfect spot by the river with no one else here but us.

I’ve always assumed that rainforests were in the tropics only, hence the name, tropical rainforest.  Turns out there are two types of rainforests:  Tropical and temperate.  The Quinault rainforest is the latter for being in a temperate region.  It was eerie and magical all at the same time.  There were plants we had never seen before and they looked out of place; as if they belonged in the Amazon jungle or something.  I’m so glad $kywalker pointed this place out to us.  This will be the first time visiting a rainforest.  I wonder if we should be concerned about wildlife.  I noticed a few paw prints and couldn’t make out whether it was a previous camper’s small dog or a raccoon. 

Amanda, will you volunteer to be the bear hang for tonight? 

184 km

Gallon of water.
Three quarts of Rotella T.
Ten dollar oil change.

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