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May 14th-15th, 2010

We often wondered if we’ll be lucky enough to spot any bears off to the side of the road while riding.  The ride to Meziadin Junction alone had us spotting 10-12 black bears.  Each time we tried to stop to take a picture ended up having them running away in the thicket.  I can’t imagine what goes through their minds when they see a motorcyclist; must be like witnessing an alien from outer space or some crazy new animal that makes loud noises and runs really really fast.  I managed to take this picture because I had my camera out and ready while riding the bike with one hand; not really the smartest thing to do. 

We stopped and took this shot somewhere along the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy.  Temperature was anywhere between 10-15 degrees Celsius (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) at the time. 

We stopped in a town called Iskut to top off our bikes and grab lunch.  We were shocked at the inflated prices.  This can of beans and bag of Crispers cost us a whopping $10.  Oh well, what can you do?  When you’re out this far in god’s country, you’re at the mercy of whatever’s available.  Even if it cost $20, somebody will eventually end up buying it. 

These recreation sites are an absolute godsend for travelers on a shoestring budget like us

Park benches were recently renovated and the old ones were left behind in pieces for firewood use. 

Most recreation sites in northern BC, if not all of them, have outhouses for your sitting pleasure

The simple pleasures you take for granted when living in the urban jungle for too long:  apple sculpting. 

Most often we would wind down by cozying up and watching a movie on my iPod nano. 

The next morning was a bit cooler mainly because the skies were overcast.  I really do hope it doesn’t rain.  Here we have the first patch of unpaved road on the Stewart-Cassiar.  This lasted for only a couple of miles or so. 

And there you have it folks, proof that the majority of the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy is fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you want to look at it) paved. 

We stopped at Dease Lake for a bite to eat at a grocery store called Super A.  We used the facilities to brush our teeth and did our best to look presentable in public.  It’s been four days without showering and having to wear a motorcycle helmet for the majority of the day; one’s hair can look a bit funky.  We stopped at the local library in town to update the ride report and let friends and family know that we’re doing alright.  I also made the decision here to purchase online from Eagle Mike the KLR doohickey or chain balancer tensioner as some prefer to call it.  I didn’t want to leave it to chance and end up having the bikes breakdown in the middle of nowhere.  I had it delivered to Glennallen, Alaska post office through general delivery. 

We stopped at a jade store in Jade City to warm up as the temperature dipped down a few degrees.  They offered free hot chocolate to visitors which really hit the spot.  We also ate our dinner here, which more or less consisted of canned fish, a piece of bread, and a carrot.  We made it a rule of thumb from now on to eat first, then ride at least 20-30 miles before camping for the night.  

574 km

Many skittish bears.

The apple carving contest.

Saved by hot coco.

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