Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April 17th-18th, 2010 pt.1

Yesterday we made it to TourPros in Hood River and met AppleJam who stopped by as well.  Often blanketed in clouds, it was amazing to see Mt. Hood in full view.  TourPros really picked out a winner for the location of his house.  The view is spectacular. 

Casa de TourPros

The view of Mt. Hood from TourPros’ back porch

Amanda was fascinated with the wild peacocks running around in the neighbor’s cherry orchard

Here’s another shot of a peacock up in a tree

Tourpros had two wonderful alpha dogs that were simply gorgeous.

Both cannot be left unattended in the backyard otherwise their natural instincts take over and they’ll end up jumping over the fence.  As long as one is in the house, the other will always be close by when left unattended. 

Later on that evening we met TourPros’ wife and had a fantastic home cooked dinner…

…and watched Dust to Glory for the first time.  Being a huge fan of On Any Sunday, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one.  Boy was it ever inspiring, especially the segment on Mouse McCoy.

After watching the movie, we were amazed at how the competitors were able to power slide into turns with such ease.  TourPros is an experienced off-road rider and racer and offered to give us a taste of what a power slide felt like on the back of his ATV.
That’s just crazy man, fun, but flat out nuts!  I’m laughing in hysterics because I can’t believe we didn’t roll the ATV over and die.  It lasted for only a few seconds, but can you imagine doing the Baja 1000 or the Paris-Dakar rally and having to endure the feeling of “I’m going to die” for hours on end?  Totally insane. 

Amanda’s expression post power slide experience

112 km

Let’s try power slides!
Roller coaster on steroids.
White knuckle death grip.

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