Friday, 20 April 2012

April 28th-29th, 2010

This morning we packed all our gear onto the bikes, thanked Timmer for having us over and headed towards route 2 to tackle the Cascade Scenic Loop Highway.  Timmer mentioned that there were going to be a few spots where we’ll be high in elevation and to dress accordingly, but overall we should be fine.  Forecast was calling for a bit of rain, I just hope that it doesn’t turn into snow when we’re up in elevation. 

It started to rain and we were contemplating whether or not it would be a good idea to press on.  If it’s raining now, it’ll definitely be snowing up ahead.  We talked about it and decided to keep going.  Don’t know when we’re going to get another opportunity to do this so we better make the most out of it and roll the dice. We pulled over to add a few layers and prepared for the cold.  

Check out the frost line up ahead in the trees.  Luckily the rain had stopped, but that didn’t stop the temperature from plummeting down into the 30’s

Phew!  We made it out of Stevens Pass and into the Cascade Foothills where the temperature went up to a more reasonable level

We had to stop a few times due to road maintenance

I believe this is Lake Chelan linking to the Columbia River

Another sign Amanda found to be intriguing.  Will it hurt because you’re hurting the environment thus hurting yourself?  Or will it hurt because of the nasty fine you’ll get if you get caught?

I remember seeing this place in the AMA Ride Guide to America Vol. II

Up in elevation once again

We’re travelling along the North Cascades Highway section of the loop

Liberty Bell Mountain is seen up ahead as we approach Washington Pass at 5477 ft. above sea level

Another quintessential National Park photo.  Although it was nice to be back down in elevation where it’s warmer, I’d rather be cold than wet. 

We started looking for a place to camp near Rockport as the sun was starting to set.  Finding a suitable place was tricky because a lot of the surrounding area was private property.  We managed to pull off onto a trail that went along the path of electrical wire towers and pitched our tent next to one.  The following morning my bike had difficulties starting up.  No matter how many times I tried to start the engine, it just wouldn’t turn over.  Tried a compression start and got it going; I figure a fuse must be blown.

We stopped in Bellingham to pick up a set of chain and sprockets that was back ordered back when we were at Aphazia’s in New York.  Thanks for shipping it out to us Aphazia!

Crossing the border into British Columbia, Canada

Canada, it’s been awhile and it feels good to be back.  Lower 48, it’s been a blast.  Thank you for the good times!

664 km

Garbage bag princess.

Weather constantly changing.

Home field advantage.

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