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April 19th-20th, 2010 pt.2

No broken bones, sprains, cuts, or abrasions of any kind.  She was fine.  Much love goes out to all that were involved in getting her Honda riding gear, which saved her hide.  Amanda told me she wasn’t going fast and there was no warning whatsoever prior to going down.  She was up on two wheels and the next thing she knew, she went down.  She slid approximately 30 feet on the asphalt crossing into the oncoming traffic lane, then back onto her side, and into a small ditch on the side of the road.  Good thing there wasn’t any oncoming traffic at the time.  She remembered looking back as she was sliding to see if there were any cars coming up from behind her.  She saw a stream of sparks along the road caused by the metal from her bike grinding into the pavement as she was sliding.  A truck had stopped and the driver helped Amanda lift the bike back up.  That’s when I arrived at the scene.  No laughing fits this time let me tell ya.  Just a little too close for comfort.  I think the combination of the wet road conditions and the new rear tire was what caused the bike to lose traction.  Gotta look on the bright side though; she’s alright, bike’s alright, experience gained and the journey continues. 

Made it to $kywalker’s…time for a little damage assessment.

Freemont Street beads…written off.  Saddle bags…could use some patch work.

Hand guard…a little scuffed up. 

Helmet lock…bent out of shape.

Milk crate panniers…also could use some patch work.

Galosh…beyond repair, but kept them anyway.

Side fairing…wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Engine…minor scuff marks.

Foot peg…probably what caused the sparks.

Kick stand…a chip off the old block.

$kywalker took us out to his wife’s restaurant called Gardner’s Restaurant in downtown Olympia.  If you’re in the area and can’t think of a place to eat, this is the place to go.

Started the meal with red wine and stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer

Amanda had the tenderloin steak while I had the Fisherman’s Stew; clams, crab, shrimp, scallops, oysters and seasonal fish all simmered in an Italian tomato sauce.  Sooooo delicious.

The portions of the entrees were huge.  We really had to dig deep and open up the second compartment in our stomachs to fit in desert.  Cheesecake and pecan bar with praline ice cream; all made from scratch. 

With our bellies stuffed to the gills, a stroll around downtown was in order to aid with digestion.  This picture was taken by the sculpture called “The Kiss” located on the waterfront near the restaurant.

Later on that evening we went back to $kywalker’s house and talked about our trip and where we were headed next.  We mentioned we were going to do the Olympic Loop and $kywalker highly recommended we camp at Graves Creek Campground which is in a rainforest in Olympic National Park.  We also had the honor of hearing $kywalker perform a song for us before capping the night off. 

107 km

Slip ups do happen.
Chalk it up as battle scars.
5-star fine dining.

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