Sunday, 22 April 2012

April 30th - May 4th, 2010 pt.2

Uncle Paul took us out on a drive around town one day to see some sights.

If it wasn’t for the weather, this would’ve been a beautiful shot of downtown Vancouver

Tom and his family are notorious card sharks.  They get together a few times a week to play various card games.  We tried to hang with them at a few games of UNO, but kept coming up short.

Leftovers for supper

The following day Amanda and I rode into the city to meet with a friend of mine from university.  We also had a dinner date with Tracy, co-star of Get Lost: Oregon

What a gorgeous day to be out riding!

Can’t really see it in this picture, but the skyline was quite lovely

Here’s an interesting sculpture

Meeting Tracy was a real treat.  She had ridden the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route on a KTM 950 Adventure during filming with limited experience on this type of terrain.  We were inspired after watching the DVD and meeting her in the flesh made it even cooler. 

Excited to get an autographed copy of Get Lost: Oregon

Tracy on her KTM 950 Adventure

Third largest city.

Stop making me pick up cards!

Tasty wild salmon. 

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