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April 17th-18th, 2010 pt.2

The next morning we went out to the gorge to look for eagles.  We managed to spot a youngling in full flight and having never seen an eagle before (maybe in a zoo); we thought this one was huge.  I can’t imagine what a fully grown eagle would look like; must be breathtaking and hard to miss.

Wasn’t quick enough to take a shot.  We waited for awhile for it to come out again, but it stayed in its nest.

Going for a drive in the neighborhood with Mt. Hood in the background

Back at the house doing some final touches on the tank bag and updating the ride report

TourPros’ Honda XR400.  I never realized the history of the XR until after watching Dust to Glory.  TourPros was stripping it down because he wanted to repaint the frame.  He was also waiting on a few engine parts to come in.  Come to think of it, the whole engine was being rebuilt. 

Most likely the best macaroni & cheese we’ve ever had.

The following day TourPros took us out to meet RedMenace who lived close by and at the recommendation by RoadRash.  RedMenace is an instructor specializing in riding sidecars or hacks as some people call them.  More specifically, he is an expert at installing sidecars to KLRs; this I have got to see.  For those of you back home who are in the area and are interested in sidecars, check out his website

You gotta love a guy with a great sense of humor.  This is the gate RedMenace had built for his house.

He had a whole fleet of KLRs with sidecars in his garage

There were various styles of sidecars attached to them

With this setup, we wouldn’t need to worry about laying it down when the terrain gets dicey

The person riding in the sidecar is commonly known as the “monkey”…

…reason being is that they’re the ones that are climbing all over the bike and leaning out to the side to prevent the bike from flipping over when making sharp turns.

RedMenace did us a huge favor by taking us out for a ride in the sidecar.  Right off the bat, RedMenace spared no expense on providing the ultimate thrill.  He took us out on dirt roads and never let up on the throttle despite the rough terrain.  I could hear the KLR working its butt off on that single cylinder as I hung on for dear life trying to keep myself from getting pitched out of the sidecar.  There’s never a dull moment when riding in one of these things.  The only downfall for me if I owned one of these would be over confidence and end up going faster than I really should when off-road.  The upside of owning a sidecar rig would be the ease and capacity of packing all your gear.

Monkeying around.
How do you want us to lean?

White knuckle death grip.

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