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May 13th, 2010

Today we are making a side trip to Hyder, Alaska.  The town is mainly known for people who want to say that they’ve been to Alaska because it is located on the most southeastern edge of the Alaska panhandle that you can get to by automobile.  There are no roads that connect to anywhere else in Alaska after Hyder.  The town is famous for the Iron Butt Motorcycle Rally in which motorcyclists attempt to ride to all lower 48 states plus Alaska in 10 days.  That’s just pure insanity if you ask me. 

Bear Glacier marks the first glacier Amanda and I have seen in the flesh.   I wonder how it’s going to look like 20 years from now. 

The border town of Stewart, BC.

En route to Hyder

We made it!  If for some reason they deny us entry to Alaska at the Yukon border, at least we can say we’ve been to Alaska…technically

Population is approx. 100.  We walked into a gift shop and started chatting with the owner.  He said it wasn’t unusual to see a grizzly bear walking up and down the main street during the salmon run season.

I think the thought of Iron Butt riders using these towels to dry off their bums after icing it to keep the swelling down is the reason why Amanda has this look of disgust. 

This is the infamous Glacier Inn where people become “hyderized”.  This involves taking a shot of 150 proof Everclear which is 75% alcohol.  You get a certificate if you manage to down it in one go.  If you don’t, you have to buy everybody in the bar a drink.  We passed on getting hyderized knowing that we’ll be under the scrutiny of the border guard when we cross back into Canada shortly. 

We grabbed an early dinner at the local grocery store back in Stewart and ate at this parkette.  We also shared an ice cream cone for dessert.   I believe the movie “Insomnia” was filmed here. 

We camped at another recreation site not too far from Stewart…

…made sure to find an ideal spot to set up our bear hang…

…and watched the sun go down. 

141 km

Of ancient blue ice.

A shortcut to Alaska.

Shot of gasoline.

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