Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April 6th-8th, 2010

We woke up early this morning and rode to Point Reyes Station, California to get in contact with Mendodave who graciously invited us over to stay with him in Mendocino…Mendocino…sounds so familiar…must’ve heard of it in a documentary or something.  We stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some bananas and bread for breakfast and ate outside in the parking lot.  A fellow rider on his BMW GS Adventure pulls in and introduces himself.  He went by the moniker Radioman on ADV.  Radioman was on the tail end of a trip of his own and was racing to get back home in Portland, Oregon.  He told us that whenever he was near the end of a trip and getting closer to home, the more he wanted to be home and would ride for long hours to get here.  I wonder if it will be the same for us; can’t think about that right now.  We’re having so much fun; I want this trip to last forever.

3 crazy motorcyclists dressed the way we were is bound to attract some attention

Radioman!  Before he left, he invited us over to his place when we got to Portland.  What a nice guy. 

We stopped at this library to check email, but it was closed

We continued riding north along the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped every now and then to soak in the scenery


Casa de Mendodave…well, the guest quarters part of it

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know one another, swapped out the burnt out headlamp, and got a tour of the facilities

Later on in the evening we made fajitas, drank wine, and shared motorcycle stories.  Mendodave rode a classic BMW R80 GS

The next day was a complete write off.  We had toast for breakfast and started to get nauseous.  We were bed ridden for most of the day.  I think the butter might’ve gone bad.  By the time Mendodave got back from work, we were feeling much better.  We made an awesome shrimp & steak stir fry for supper and capped off the evening watching the movie Avatar. 
Originally we were planning to get going the following day, but had to turn back because of gusting winds.  I don’t remember how far we got, but I remember getting pushed hard by the wind when we crossing a bridge.  Amanda had to stop and wait it out before she could continue.  Having already come across a close call back near Death Valley, we decided not to push our luck and headed back to Mendodave’s.
We stopped here on our way back.  Tom, the guy we met back in Albuquerque, asked us to check this place out.  He told us if he were ever to get married, this was the place where he would propose.

An interesting looking door

Most of the exhibits were closed due to high winds

Mendodave was glad that we turned back.  He too felt that it was sketchy to continue on when the winds were gusting that hard.  We thanked him and said our goodbyes that evening since he had to work early the next morning.

230 km

Random encounter.
It must’ve been the butter.
Better not risk it.

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