Monday, 9 April 2012

April 12th-16th, 2010 pt.5

Today we bid farewell to Portland / Lake Oswego and travel east towards Hood River where TourPros offered to put us up for a few nights prior to heading up to Mt. Rainier National Park.  A few ADV inmates we met last night volunteered to escort us outside the city limits and grabbing a bite to eat in the process.  MortimerSickle, RoadRash, NoPoChicken, and Radioman also took us to see a few sites along the way.  We really enjoyed our stay here in Portland / Lake Oswego and I think it might’ve rained only once while we here.  I think we lucked out. 

Packed and ready to go; donning my new helmet.  Amanda tells me I look like a mosquito. 

Stopped for lunch at Tippy Canoe in Troutdale

Now that’s what I call a Sloppy Joe!

Soaking in the view of The Columbia River Gorge from the Portland Women’s Forum Scenic Viewpoint

MortimerSickle on his KTM 990 Adventure.  We’ve been told by many we should be wearing ear plugs while riding.  MortimerSickle sealed the deal for us when he told us he regrets not wearing them in his younger years and has experienced some hearing loss as a result.  We wear them all the time now and notice a huge difference when we don’t. 

Another scenic view, this time from Crown Point

733 feet is a long way down to the river

Vista House; a rest stop observatory for travelers on the old Columbia River Gorge Highway

The last stop with our newfound friends; Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon and the third tallest year-round waterfall in the U.S. at 620 feet

I feel like I’m on the movie set of Lord of the Rings

Let’s go up to the footbridge

I wonder if there’s anyone bold enough to bungee jump off of this

Looking down from the footbridge

We parted ways from here and thanked everyone who rode out with us.  We also thanked Radioman for his generosity and hospitality over the past few days. 

Formed ages ago.
Columbia River Gorge.
Windsurfing mecca.

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