Saturday, 21 January 2012

January 7th-10th, 2010 pt.3

This morning we had the privilege to meet Mrs. JackDaniel.  We sat outside and shot the breeze getting to know one another.  Nice lady.  Turns out that Mr. JackDaniel forgot to mention to Mrs. JackDaniel that we were staying at the Swamp and had bailed out of a previous engagement to spend time with us.  Mrs. JackDaniel wasn’t going to have any of it, so she snatched Mr. JackDaniel and brought him home.  I hope JackDaniel is not in too much trouble.  That left the rest of the afternoon to ourselves…time to explore!
Riding around on the backroads!  Feels so good with the bike unloaded.
We came across a sand dune along the side of the road.  I guess now's the time to get comfortable with riding in the sand.
A little soft in some spots, nothing I couldn't handle...
...Amanda on the other hand dug herself a big rut.
Ok, remember what everyone said...get up on the foot pegs, weight back, crank on the throttle.  This is gonna take some time getting used to.  Bike feels so squirrely. 
Alright, time to cowboy the fu*k up and get'er done!
Wait a minute...
...this is not so bad after all!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Man, that felt so good!
Taking a break to soak it all in.
Ok Amanda!  Your turn!  You can do it!
Initially Amanda wasn’t going to take part in riding in the sand that afternoon.  I’m so proud that she got over her fears on her own and tried it anyway.  Although she fell a few times, she has gained a ton of experience as did I. 
Riding in sand is tiring work.  Time to take a load off.
JackDaniel is the man!  He left us a pot-fried chicken in the oven.
Nothing beats ending the day with a nice cozy fire.  Amanda determined to get the fire started.

The Swamp to ourselves.
White sand as fine as sugar.
Didn’t lose my balls.

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