Monday, 30 January 2012

January 20th-21st, 2010 pt.1

Yesterday on our way to Houston, TX, I notice the photo of Amanda on the bike’s fairing is running on its last legs.  It’s tattered and flapping all over the place and I wonder if this has any affect on my gas mileage.  A part of me thought I should take it off and keep it since it lasted all this way.  The other part of me thought I should let the picture run its course; if the wind carries it away so be it.  As we cross the state line into Texas, I check to see if the picture is still there.  The picture was gone and that is all I have to say about that.   

Texas…The Lone Star State…gateway to the Southwest.  Where law is in the hands of the one carrying a six-shooter on their hip.  We stop to take a few snapshots at the visitor center and meet an elderly couple travelling in an RV from Alaska.  We tell them about our journey and we exchange contact info for when we get to Alaska.  They live in North Pole, AK and asked us to stop by when we get there. 

Traffic started to get a little chaotic when we entered the city limits of Houston, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle after all the saddle time we’ve accumulated riding through various major cities here in the US.  A special request was made from Amanda’s mum to visit Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church.  Joel Osteen is the senior pastor, televangelist, and best-selling author at Lakewood. 

The lobby...

...trying to sneak past security...
...Success!  Made it into the sanctuary.  The place was humungous.  We found out that this was where the Houston Rockets used to play.
Getting our picture taken right before the service
Let the show begin!  It felt like we were at a rock concert.
232 km

Poof!  Gone with the wind.
Stage dive!  Time to body surf!
Into the Wild West.

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