Thursday, 19 January 2012

January 7th-10th, 2010 pt.1

We left Port Charlotte in the afternoon and proceeded onwards to Weeki Wachee, Florida to meet up with JackDaniel, who not only invited us over to stay for a few nights, but was highly recommended by RICKR1100 way up in Virginia, deerslayR who’s further up in New Jersey, and the boys we met at Rib City.  Hmmmm…JackDaniel…quite the reputation indeed…interesting choice for a username.  Something tells me we’re in for some wild times.  But first…
...getting ready to cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa Bay, Florida
We finally got it right!  Your T-shirt made its way back home DirtGrll!
Avoiding the Interstate has its benefits time wise, but I must say; taking route 19 was such a pain in the buttocks with all the stop-and-go traffic.  I should’ve done my homework and researched a little better.  Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…story of my life.
We were looking for a place called “The Swamp”.  Apparently “The Swamp” is one of two places where JackDaniel hosts large ADV gatherings.  The other location is known as “The Scrub”.  Story has it that the only way to get to “The Scrub” is by riding through some deep sugar sand.  If you’ve ever ridden in sugar sand, you’ll know what I mean.  Pine Barrens in New Jersey ring a bell?  I HATE SUGAR SAND!  Right before a gathering at “The Scrub”, people would candidly film other riders coming in and record them wiping out.  Comic gold!  Whoever came up with that idea, I take my hat off to them.  If I was there, I wouldn’t be able to keep it together.  The cat would be let out of the bag; riders would hear me howling from a mile away!  Anyway, good thing we weren’t staying at “The Scrub”.  “The Swamp” is where we’re after. 
Wonder why I’m writing so much and have no pictures to show for our first night at “The Swamp”?  None of us were sober enough to take photos!  (Except for JackDaniel’s daughter who managed to keep her composure all through the night) Right when we got there we hit it off and the next thing I know, I’m passed out on the lazy boy and the only thing I remember was JackDaniel putting a quilt over me.  A wild night indeed.  JackDaniel and his daughter, who I will refer to as H, left shortly after to their home to let us rest.  Sure enough his last words for the night were “See ya in the morning!  You guys don’t even have a clue!”  What did we get ourselves into?  I just hope we have enough in the gas tank for round 2. 
Deep in the bayou.
Man named JackDaniel awaits.
We’re dazed and confused.   

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