Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 18th-19th, 2010

Sun’s up!  Let’s ride!  We broke camp yesterday morning and as a rule of thumb, we try to leave the place cleaner than when we arrived there.  It’s been days since the last time we had a shower.  One whiff from our clothes would make the nastiest of scents smell like roses.  Even dry showers using wet wipes couldn’t come close to combating the stench.  We get online to see if there’s any response from the “pitch a tent” thread.  Nothing.  We try the tent space thread to see if there’s anyone close by.  Divingbiker.  Lake Charles, LA.  Has tent space at his dive shop and training facility; True Blue Watersports.  Let’s give it a shot.  Hope he doesn’t mind the short notice. 
We pull into the dive shop.  It was Sunday and the shop was closed.  You think he’ll mind if we just go ahead and camp here?  I dunno.  Look!  There’s a camper trailer.  Let’s go knock on the door.  A young man in his late 20’s answers the door.  We explain our situation and he makes a phone call to his father in-law who was none other than Divingbiker!  “All is good.  Dad’s out on a boat and won’t be back till later this evening.  In the meantime just make yourselves feel at home.”  Who says Americans aren’t nice? 

Drying out the gear
Finally!  Dinner at Craker Barrel!  Prices are so reasonable; we can use the same gift card for a second or third meal.
Mmmmm.  Meatloaf with breaded fried okra.
The next day we spent tinkering around with the bikes.  Air filter cleaned, chain tension tightened.
Amanda needed to change the spark plug to see if that would help much with the cold starts.  Divingbiker's son provided guidance and hands-on support.  Thank you so much!
Amanda getting her hands dirty...
…success!  Amanda’s reward was a ride around town two-up with Divingbiker on his Harley.  Now before you pass judgment, he’s got a GS also.  Originally Divingbiker and his friend were going to make the trek up to Alaska, but had to bail due to work commitments.  Divingbiker, if you’re not on your way to Alaska already, we hope you take the plunge soon!

291 km
Refuge at TrueBlue. 
Harley, we meet once again.
Ugh!  I smell funky.

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