Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January 4th-5th, 2010 pt.2

Today we ride around town to make sure the tire is seated properly.  Once again, Florida seems to never disappoint us with providing great riding weather at this time of year. 

Casa Paulmer and the steeds all set to go
Amanda giving a big wet one at Manatee Park
Pizza for lunch in downtown Fort Myers
Paulmer had posted on ADV for a meet n’ greet in Fort Myers.  The meeting place was at the local Winn Dixie.  The plan was to ride out to Labelle, cross the bridge to route 78, ride down through Alva to route 31, and back up on Palm Beach Blvd to grab a bite for dinner.  Unfortunately nobody showed up at the Winn Dixie so the three of us rode on by ourselves.  As we were riding, I notice a motorbike zooming towards us in my rear view mirror.  Judging by the way he was seated and the sound of the muffler, he was riding on a KLR!  Somebody came after all!
I can’t remember, but it was either rippenitup, richMC, or FMYstreetracer who managed to catch up with us.
We stopped at a state park to introduce one another.  A funny observation Amanda noticed was how motorcyclists are like dogs sniffing each other’s butts when meeting for the first time.  We all got off our bikes and started checking each other’s bikes out. 

Dinner at Rib City!  A few more riders managed to show up.  We hung out with rippenitup, richMC, FMYstreetracer, and Paulmer. 
When we arrived at Paulmer’s later that evening, we noticed the house looked a little different.  A friend of his played a little trick on him.  Paulmer was certain to get him back.

Front tire good as new.
Manatees migrate to warmth. 
Nice pipes you got there!

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