Sunday, 15 January 2012

January 1st-3rd, 2010

After a day of recovery, Amanda and I went back out to the Everglades for that free guided canoe trip we had booked the other day.  We packed leftovers for lunch and off we went.
Amanda getting ready to get her feet wet
Do we look excited?
Does anybody remember Bo Jackson?  Well, for some reason he popped in my brain and this was the pose I came up with.
Couldn't have picked a better day.
Hey, you see something?
Oh, a flower.
My name is Les Stroud aka SurvivorMan and I'm getting ready to show you how to survive in the Everglades!
Watch your head!
Whoa...don't you think that's a little too thick to paddle through?
Guess not.
Guess again.
Phew!  We made it through.
Lunch time!  Let's see if I can sneak an extra grape without Amanda knowing.
Group photo with the rest of the gang
The next couple of days we spent getting our minds focused back on the journey.  We packed.  We prepped.  We said goodbye.  Our time spent with Amanda’s aunt in North Miami Beach was huge and will be a memorable one. 
Packed and ready to go.  Only this time...I carry a spare front tire.
What's left of the photo of Amanda on my motorbike.
One last glimpse of Casa MleAbroad

Back in the bayou.
Is that a hole in the boat?
Watch out for that branch!

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