Wednesday, 11 January 2012

December 12th-27th, 2009 pt.5

Today we’re going to the shooting range to help Mleabroad feel more comfortable with her Kel-Tec firearm.  I mean, this is Miami after all.  I’m no certified instructor by any means, but I’ve dabbled in competition shooting for the first time this past summer so I’m confident I can at least show her the basics. 
Getting a feel for the little Kel-Tec
Amanda wants in on the action too!
Let's see how MleAbroad handles it
Not too shabby.  I think she's got the knack of it.
After the shooting range, we went back to the house to get a head start on spring cleaning.  Amanda finally gets rid of her tattered old boots…
…along with her tattered old clothes.

Look what I found...dinner!
Bon appetit!

Steady your breathing.
Keep your eyes on the front sight.
Sushi anyone?

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