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December 28th-31st, 2009 pt.1

Planning to be somewhere at a specific given time can be tricky especially when you don’t have any time constraints.  You never know when crappy weather might roll in or an interesting side detour might hold you up for a few days.  Way back when we were in New Hampshire, FireEscape had invited us down to his trailer in Big Pine Key, Florida.  He said if we were in the area around Christmas time, we should drop on by for a couple of days; an invitation we couldn’t refuse.  We rolled out of North Miami Beach in the afternoon hoping to avoid traffic; we weren’t that lucky.  We were stuck in traffic pretty much all the way down to Florida City before it started to ease up and from there on, it was a gorgeous ride.  Not often do you get to ride on a stretch of highway where you have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. 
We arrived at Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge in the evening and were greeted by FireEscape at the reception area.  It was nice to see a familiar face once again, but only this time, instead of winter attire, he was clad in shorts and a t-shirt. 

We had a nice fish dinner freshly caught by FireEscape himself.  Then we celebrated FireEscape’s birthday with cheese cake we had brought over. 

Went out for an evening stroll to work off dinner & dessert 

The next day we went fishing.  I was a little apprehensive at first because the last time I went fishing in the ocean was with my dad and brother and we all got sea sick.  But first, I need to do the dishes.

Amanda intrigued by the local wildlife...
...and she scared them off.
Getting ready to catch the big one!
Off we go!
We fished closer inland because the waters were rough that afternoon.  Good thing too because I don’t think I would be able to keep my lunch in.


The action was hot!  We fished all afternoon till sundown.
Preparing the catch of the day
Later on in the evening, the event program at the lodge was "Make you own banana split for a buck."
Dinner from the sea.
A New Hampshire reunion.
Sugar rush from hell. 

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