Thursday, 5 January 2012

December 9th-12th, 2009 pt.3

After the plane ride we went back to the house to hang out with the animals.
The stable
The RidingLibrarian and her husband's ride
Making sure the chickens are all accounted for
Going out for a ride on little man's steed
Earning our keep.  Man, what an experience!

The next morning Amanda and I went out for a ride around the surrounding area.  TheRidingLibrarian recommended a place where we could see manatees so we went out to look for them.

Rode on some gravel to get to this area where the manatees hung out.  We saw their noses peek out, but it was too cold for them to come out and get a good picture.

We then rode to another area in search for gators and managed to see one far out in the distance

Now we know why Florida got the nickname "Flatistan" on ADV
TheRidingLibrarian knew a friend in town that had built a motocross track in their backyard.  We were tempted, but our steeds weren’t made for that.  We looked at the horses instead. 

Later on that evening we enjoyed a fabulous clam dinner and rocked out on Rockband to conclude the day.  Why I didn’t take photos; I have no idea.  Maybe it was because we were all having too much fun.

Cockle doodle do!
Gator stalking on their prey.
Open mic at the barn!

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