Monday, 16 January 2012

January 4th-5th, 2010 pt.1

Back on the open road.  Clear and sunny skies; just the way I like it.  Perfect riding conditions.  We’re off to the west coast of Florida in a town called Fort Myers where Paulmer has graciously offered to host us.  We took I-75, also known as “Alligator Alley” to reach the west side.  It was here where we saw alligators bathing in the sun off to the side of the interstate.  We pulled over to take a better look.  Next thing we know other cars start to follow suit and pulled over to the side in front of us.  A few moments later we see a highway patrol car roll up behind us.  We look forward to see the cars in front of us and they were taking off like a bat out of hell.  Crap.  I hope we don’t get a ticket.  Turns out you can only stop in an emergency, but being foreigners, he let us off the hook this time. 
Lunch at the beach

Here’s an interesting side trip.  Way back in Massachusetts, DirtGrll had given Amanda a t-shirt to wear as pajamas.  We thought it might be neat to take a picture with the t-shirt back in its origin and email it to DirtGrll…

…oops!  Wrong beach.  For some reason I thought the t-shirt read Fort Myers Beach.  Good thing St. Pete Beach is still on our way north.  We can still tag the photo.

We arrived at Paulmer’s abode in Fort Myers late afternoon.  It wasn’t long after our introductions that we got cracking on changing my worn out Kenda 270 front tire for a Cheng Shin C858. 
An extra pair of hands is always better than one

Did I mention that we pinched the inner tube?  I ended up using my old one.  Live and learn.
Amanda wearing the grease with pride

...ok now you're taking it too far!

Gators in the sun.
Off the hook with a warning.
Need more tire irons.

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