Saturday, 28 January 2012

January 16th-17th, 2010

Now I know you might be wondering “Why is Amanda doing all the talking?”  For obvious reasons.  1.  She looks less threatening than my ugly mug.  I mean let’s face it; I look like I’m ready to bomb North Korea off the face of the planet for crying out loud.  2. Males in general respond better to females in distress.  3.  Females respond better to other females because they got the “we-gotta-look-out-for-each-other-sister” thing going on, and 4.  What can I say; Amanda’s got the white girl charm. 
Global Maritime Ministries Inc.  Incorporated in 1999, they provide safe havens for seafarers and port-related personnel.  Their mission centers are located near ports to allow access to make phone calls, internet, counseling, and to God.  Last night we met the reverend at the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Worked out well because him and his wife were going on a ship for a week to minister.  Told us we could camp anywhere on the property for as long as we needed to.  Good thing too; it was calling for rain the next couple of days.

We tried to hide the bikes as best we could...
...and camp where we wouldn't be seen.
Access to a stovetop.  Fitting that we have New Orleans style jambalaya instant rice.
A leisurely stroll alongside the mighty Mississippi River to aid digestion
Afternoon tea.  Must've been passed down from all that British influence in Canada.
Mississippi River at sundown
Supper!  Amanda got talking to one of the locals and found a grocery store close by.  Adding hot dogs makes a world of difference.
Guess what's in the bag?  That's right!  It's doo doo!  What?  It would've been rude of us to spoil their grass.
Moored on holy ground.
River flowing out to sea.
Gonna need more bags. 

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