Saturday, 7 January 2012

December 12th-27th, 2009 pt.1

This is gonna be a big one as you can see from the dates above.  Don’t think I can recall everything that happened each day so I’ll just stick to the highlights.  First, a little back story on our destination to North Miami Beach, Florida.  Mleabroad, who is Amanda’s aunt, has been living there for quite some time now.  Amanda hasn’t seen her in 18 years.  This meeting is way long overdue.
We left Fellsmere later than I had projected because Amanda takes forever to pack.  I really need to find something productive to do in that time period to take my mind off of the fact that she’s TAKING SO LONG!  That’s my little rant on that subject, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it over time. 
It was a gorgeous day riding along route 441

Taking a break on the shores of Lake Okeechobee
We were approaching the city limits and noticed the cars around us were starting to travel a wee bit faster than the norm.  We’ve been told by many to watch out for drivers when we get to Florida, so we were on high alert. 
We arrived at Mleabroad in the evening and I was a bit anxious for some reason on how this might pan out.  We rang the doorbell and heard someone yell “Don’t want any!  Go away!”  That was when I knew all will be good.  A meteor shower was going to happen that night so we all hopped in the SUV and drove out to the beach to witness the event. 

Finally...I learned how to take night photos!
Fire in the sky.
Watch out for reckless drivers!
Peeping Tom lurking.

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