Wednesday, 18 January 2012

January 6th, 2010

Slight change of plans this morning.  Originally we were going to ride out to Weeki Wachee and stay with JackDaniels, but Andrew, a good friend of mine from my university days, was on vacation in Port Charlotte and had invited us over to spend the night. 
We said our goodbyes to Paulmer and he told us that he might be going up to Alaska this summer for work if he couldn’t find a decent job here in Fort Myers, FL.  I hope we get to see him again in Alaska, but on the same token, hope he can find a worthwhile job in Florida so he can be close to his family. 
It was a short ride to Port Charlotte so we stuck to the local roads to soak up as much saddle time as we could.  Andrew was staying at a trailer park community for retired folks.  His family owned property there and the requirement was that you had to be 55 years or older to own.  It didn’t surprise me at all that we were grilled with a whole bunch of questions by the security guard at the front gate.  We weren’t even allowed to ride on the premises!  We had to park our bikes by the gate and walk in.

A few moments later my good friend Andrew came to the rescue in his golf cart
It was really cool to have met Andrew here of all places.  Usually it would be freezing cold back home, but here the weather was to die for.  Andrew took us out for lunch at a local café and was excited to hear about our trip thus far.  Then we sat in the hot tub for a little while and had dinner with Andrew’s family.

Later on that evening we picked up another friend of ours at the airport, Rod, who was going to accompany Andrew on the drive back to Toronto.  We spent the night catching up, having a few drinks, and playing cards. 
The four of us trying our hand at shuffleboard the morning after

At least somebody's taking advantage of the sunrays

A friend far from home.
You can’t ride those things in here!
Game makes me feel old.

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