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December 6th-8th, 2009 pt.1

Bright and sunny morning; perfect for a day of riding.  Today we’ll finally enter Florida and escape the cold Canadian winter for the first time in our lives.  It’s a neat feeling being a snowbird and not hit the age of 30 yet.  If only I could figure out a way to do this for the rest of our lives; dodge winter and ride all year round. 

We took the back roads for the majority of the ride down to Jacksonville, Florida.  When we got to the city limits we thought it might be a good idea to get off the interstate and take the local roads to EgoDriver71 & MrsEgoDriver; our hosts.  Once again we found ourselves in a shady neighborhood; there wasn’t anyone on the streets that didn’t look our way.  Too much attention; better get back on the interstate. 
We arrived at EgoDriver71 early in the evening and got introduced to the family over some yummy burgers for dinner.  Both EgoDriver71 and MrsEgoDriver ride, which is way cool and the family also owns a nice collection of vintage Indians featured in the Smithsonian.  
1930 Indian 101 Scout

The next day we had to ourselves because both worked in the day.  Amanda went out to get her hair cut, while I had finally made up my mind and rode out to Cycle Gear to purchase bar ends and an Icon Field Armor back protector. 

Dogsitting Hershey!

Before haircut...

...after haircut...Amanda wasn't too impressed.

Then we rode out to an abandoned army base near by recommended by EgoDriver71

Ok!  The coast is clear!
An abandoned explosives silo of some sort

Amanda posing with what used to be the headquarters I guess
Later on that evening we had a nice dinner at Egodriver71 & MrsEgodriver’s parents…with a nice refreshing glass of Boone’s of course!
There were more vintage Indians here!  1949 Indian Arrow
1916 Indian Model K

Here's a painting of a flat track racer pitching his bike out to the side...'s Amanda trying to pitch out...Kermit.

It was a nice ride in the evening back to the house; the warm ocean breeze reminded me of summer once again.  I'm just so glad we made it to Florida without any major problems.  So long for now Canadian winter!
Just shave it all off!
Tribe of Indians preserved.
Quick!  Hide the plutonium!

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