Sunday, 11 December 2011

October 27th - November 3rd, 2009 pt.2

Right off the bat Aphazia and us clicked.  He had just come off a big ride himself from the west coast and had a lot to share.  It was calling for rain the next couple of days so we spent our time hanging out and getting to know one another.
Checking out the airsoft arsenal
Ok I'm going in!  Wait...maybe I should use a flashbang first.
Come with me if you want to live.
Later on that evening we met the rest of the family and Eboola, Aphazia’s lady friend.  We had our first taste of NY pizza at Gino’s for dinner and were introduced to a game called Shocking Autopsy…what a hoot!  Basically it’s the same thing as Operation, but not only are the pieces extremely difficult to pick up, the tweezers actually shock you if it touches the sides!  Here comes the funny part…Amanda was in the restroom when Aphazia told me about this and of course when she came out…we just told her it was a Chinese knock-off version of Operation.  “ooh!  ooh!  I want to go first!”  she says.  “Oh alright, but I get to go next!”  I replied.  She makes her first attempt.  The game makes a buzzing noise to signal to the player that you touched the sides…but NO shock!  “Darn it!” she says.  “Why don’t you take another stab at it.” Aphazia replies.  Now for those of you who played Operation, picking out the pieces isn’t all that difficult.  THIS version of it was!  I had a hard time holding myself together knowing what would happen if she messed up (what a jerk eh?).  I was so close to bursting out laughing when she cried “Ugh!  Why is it so hard?”  She touched the side and watching Amanda jump out of her chair made Aphazia and I screaming with laughter. 

Board games to pass time.
Locked, cocked and ready to rock!
A shocking moment.

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