Friday, 30 December 2011

December 5th, 2009 pt.2

Toes are moving…fingers are moving…ok I’m still alive.  How’s Amanda?  Yep, she’s still breathing.  Phew!  Glad to have been able to sleep through that one.  It was calling for rain, but by the looks of it the weatherman is stumped again.  I didn’t really want to stay here another night anyway.  We broke camp, Amanda and I had ourselves a little quarrel like normal people do, and got as far away from Sumter National Forest as quick as we can.  Riding today was a great time to shake off last night’s fiasco and put it behind me.  Also went through the things I should’ve done better if it were to happen again.  One thing I should’ve done was to record the whole thing on video; wouldn’t be able to see anything because it was so dark, but at least you folks back home can hear what went down.  I sleep with the camera beside my head from now on.  Riding through Southern Georgia country was an interesting experience.  Usually in the surrounding country back home where I used to live in Orillia, Canada, the majority of the population there were white folks.  Out here in Southern Georgia we noticed the majority of the people were black folks.  That’s the beauty of travelling. 
Somewhere between Augusta and Savannah, Georgia where our steeds were introduced for the first time to a palm tree.  We also noticed the weather was finally getting warmer!

When we arrived at Savannah it was dark already.  We were hoping to be in Jacksonville, Fl to stay with EgoDriver & MrsEgoDriver, but the day ended sooner than we expected.  Time to find a place to rest our heads.  There wasn’t any National Forests close by and we didn’t want to risk riding in the dark so it came down to one option in these desperate times in urban areas…Wal-Mart.  We stopped at Krystal Burgers to snag Wi-Fi and pinpoint the location of a store that was close by and preferably open 24 hours; jotted down 2 locations just in case one didn’t work out.  Off we went.  Jumped on I-95 and exited off some street; I just go by what the gps tells me to do.  We start to notice the streets becoming sketchier as we cruise along the street, a group of dodgy looking guys hanging out by the corner, a police officer arresting some guy in a driveway, homeless people all over.  Looks like it’s time to turn back and check out option number 2!  We get to the store and the surrounding area looked alright; typical suburbia neighborhood.  We notice a few trucks and RV’s parked in the back lot so we parked in that area.  There was a security car driving up and down the parking lot so we flagged him over and asked if it was alright for us to pitch a tent on the property.  He said it was alright with him, but we should check in with the manager on duty.  So we did and everything was squared away.  Phew.  This might not be so bad after all. 
Comfort food while updating the ride report
Amanda getting her workout in
Practicing my sword fighting skills
Getting breakfast ready for tomorrow.  What do you think?  Worthy enough to be in People of Wal Mart?
Packing it in for the night at the luxurious Wal Mart.  Complementary around the clock security provided with clean washrooms!
Riderz in da hood.
Security in aisle fourteen!
Comfy patch of grass.

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