Saturday, 10 December 2011

October 27th - November 3rd, 2009

Another early morning start today.  AkaRob told us we’re heading into wet weather on our way to Long Island, NY.  We decided to take the interstate and hope to reach our destination before the rain did…we were not so lucky.  We managed to pull over to get our rain gear on and as soon as we got back onto the interstate we hit traffic.  I hate traffic…especially on the interstate.  An hour or so later I start to notice the drivers around us are getting more aggressive…we’re getting closer to the city limits.  Over Throgs Neck Bridge we went and off in the distance there it was…NYC skyline.  My GPS went dead and I didn’t want to risk plugging it in and damage something electrical because of the rain.  We needed to stop somewhere and find an electrical outlet.  I found the perfect place…White Castle. 
Amanda & Will go to White Castle!
Our combo came with 4 burgers, french fries, and a soft drink
With our stomachs full and GPS recharged we went searching for fellow ADV’er Aphazia.  When we got to his street, it wasn’t hard to figure out which house it was…he had an 07’ KLR perched on the driveway. 

Grease dripping down mouth.
Didn’t ride any cheetahs.
My poor arteries. 

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