Friday, 2 December 2011

October 20th, 2009

What’s that sound?  Somebody’s downstairs.  Must be Hannah, DirtGrll’s black lab keeping herself busy…heard it again.  Sounds too human to come from a dog.  DirtGirll’s usually at work by this time.  Better find out who it is…but not without arming myself with the ol’ judo chop in the ready position.  Amanda’s still asleep.  Looks like this is gonna be a solo mission.  I make my way downstairs to the kitchen using my ninja stealth techniques and lo and behold…DirtGrll!  She decided to play hooky and ride with us.  Awesome.  Riding 4-deep today with Kamala, DirtGrll, Amanda, and I to Gloucester.  Looking forward to catching the “Perfect Storm” moment.  Gonna meet up with Kamala on our way there.  Time to saddle up and get going.  I turn the ignition on and press the starter button…nothing…sh*t.  We give Kamala a call and he reassures me that it’s only an electrical problem, no big deal.  Cool.  So we ride 3-deep instead with Amanda riding pillion on her own bike.  Hey, she insisted.

Waiting for boats to go by

3 bikes ready to go with 1 out of commission

Fisherman's Memorial

Commemorating the actual crew members from the movie "The Perfect Storm"

A pier in Gloucester

We rode along a road that was labeled “private road” to get a better view of the ocean.  Amanda and DirtGrll felt a wee bit sketched out by it, but Kamala reassured us that the rich folk put it up there only to deter undesirables when in fact anyone could legally travel along this road. 

Notice the rich folk's house in the background?

Trying to stay hip in Rockport

Many artists have painted this portrait

The Atlantic

After soaking in the scenery, we stopped over in Essex to grab a bite

Mmmmmmmmmm deep fried.  So much for trying to stay healthy.

On the way back to DirtGrll's home, it was my turn to ride pillion. I was so tired I fell asleep numerous times. Amanda kept elbowing me in the stomach to prevent me from falling over to the side when in fact I was actually trying to lean with the bike whenever I felt it least that's what I thought I was doing.

The fog’s just lifting.  Throw off your bike cover; throw off your kickstand.  You head out to the East Coast, down the
Blue Ridge Parkway
, Florida.  Past Orlando where I went to Disney World as a kid.  Honk your horn and throw a wave to the fellow rider on route 17.  Then the birds show up: black backs, herring gulls, big dump ducks.  The sun hits ya – head South.  Open up the throttle – revvin’ now.  The cylinder is busy; you’re in charge.  Ya know what?  You’re a goddam Adventure Rider!  Is there anything better in the world?

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