Saturday, 3 December 2011

October 21st, 2009

Time to figure out what’s wrong with the steed and why it won’t wake up.  Kamala has taken time off work to help me out.  What a super guy!  It turns out that the safety switch in the clutch lever needed a little cleaning.  We tried to put a jumper on it, but we didn’t have the right parts. No biggie, just as long as it works.  Today was more of a rest day and getting our things together as we planned on moving onwards the next morning.  We sat outside in the yard, shooting the breeze while firing up some steaks on the barb-b.  We said our goodbyes to DirtGrll since she had to work early the next morning.  Kamala on the other hand (did I mention he was a super guy?) was coming over tomorrow morning to drop off one of our electric gloves he took home to repair. 

Faulty safety switch.

Enjoying the fall colors.

Steed has awaken. 

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