Tuesday, 13 December 2011

October 27th - November 3rd, 2009 pt.4

Bright sunny day…perfect riding weather!  No problems waking up despite the few drinks we had last night.  Amanda’s out like a light bulb…time to catch up on the ride report.  Aphazia woke up shortly after I did and Amanda didn’t take long to follow suit.  Amanda plopped right back on the couch…she might’ve had one too many last night.  Couldn’t resist not to tease her a little bit for not knowing her limitations…a man’s got to know his limitations.  The plan today was to place the tag we picked up last night; all the way to Montauk—way out east on Long Island.  Aphazia and I whipped up a quick breakfast while Amanda was still recovering.  Shortly after breakfast I felt the need for a little bowel movement (don’t worry, there’s a reason why I included this important piece of info), so off I went.  Meanwhile, Amanda and Aphazia were warming up the bikes and right when I was walking out to the driveway it hit me—it hit me hard. 
I started to feel really nauseous…to the point where I couldn’t hold it together.  I was breaking out into a sweat; trying really hard to stay focused and will my body to recover.  DARN IT MAN!  PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!  The next thing you know…

I was a goner…somewhere in la la land.  I felt so cozy tucked away in my warm blanket…

...starting to fade now...

...nighty night folks.

D.O.H.!  What does that mean?
Delayed Onset Hangover.
Should’ve held poop in.

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