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October 24th, 2009

Weather is calling for rain.  I just hope it doesn’t hit till after we get to Jewett City…wrong again.  No big deal.  Pulled off to the side and donned the rain gear.  So far the Wally World product is holding up its end of the bargain.  The leather boots get drenched, but the Seal Skinz sox keep the feet dry.  Amanda on the other hand has a few leaks here and there…the one-piece rain suit seems to pool water in the navel area because the suit is just a tad too big for her.  Good ol’ shopping bags seem to do the trick for keeping her feet dry.  We get to Jewett City and meet Twilight Error.  It wasn’t long after our introductions that we hit the road and partake in a little site seeing.
The stable at Twilight Error's
The pets: Here we have BBC (Big Black Cat)
Bella & Roger
Fish...they have a lot of them!
B.F. Clydes Cider Mill, the last remaining steam-powered cider mill in the U.S....
...and there she is...the last of the V8 Interceptors...notice the Rotella by the chair?
Amanda, you so gangsta!
There were a lot of goodies at B.F. Clydes.  We sampled a few sips of various apple wine and snacked on some really good pretzels and dip.  We couldn’t go empty handed so we bought a few homemade apple cinnamon doughnuts and a gallon of hard apple cider.  Twilight Error bought a few bottles of apple wine as well.
When we got home, somehow the cider started flowing and in no time we were all tipsy daisy…well I don’t know about the other two, I can only speak for myself.  The stuff is a bit deceiving…after two or three glasses I was flying.  When ErrorWife came home the gloves came off.
Somehow we managed to get dinner ready...well kind of...and spent the night laughing and sharing stories.
Hard apple cider.

Drinking and riding don’t mix.

Gin and tonic does.


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