Friday, 16 December 2011

October 27th - November 3rd, 2009 pt.7

Slept in today…stomachs were growling…Aphazia took us to the Waffle House…not the chain restaurant you see all over in the South; I think it’s Long Island’s own.  They served what was known as funky hash browns, which had cheese, ham, and bacon all fried into one; it was quite delicious…but a real artery clogger.  We also left the LI tag-o-rama tag here. 
Originally we had planned to leave today, but if any of you out there who get a chance to meet Aphazia will soon know that once he has his mind set on showing you good time; it’s very hard to say no.  We had the privilege to celebrate Aphazia & Eboola’s anniversary in New Paltz, NY for the weekend. 

Trying to numb the senses a little.  A staff of at least 50 were popping out left, right, and center trying to scare the living daylights out of you.  They did a fantastic job for Amanda…poor girl.

Having a brew in some pub.  The bouncer gave us a bit of a hard time letting us in.  He asked us for id and told us our driver’s license wasn’t good enough; he needed something more substantial like a passport.  So we showed him our passports and he was still giving us a hard time.  Eventually he let us in.

To give Aphazia & Eboola a little privacy, we camped.  This will be the first time Amanda and I used the tent together on this trip. 

Hiking around the mountains.  Using the ol’ legs for a change.

Humans need fuel too you know
Having dinner at the Gilded Otter on Halloween
We met Satan...
...Mario & Luigi...
I wonder why the bouncer didn't let this guy in the bar...why of course!  He's carrying a friggin machete!
Full moon in the sky.
Scary guy with a chain saw.
Need new underwear.

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