Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December 2nd-4th, 2009

We arrived at BlueLghtning & GypsyAngel’s humble abode at around 9:30 in the evening.  Any later and we would be soaking wet because it had just started to rain.  We were super tired from riding all day, but we still managed to hang out with our hosts and get to know one another.  There was a nice foreshadowing moment when BlueLghting talked about his journey into Alaska…dang does it ever feel so far from where we are!  I can’t wait to get there and look back at how far we’ve come.
Casa BlueLghtning & GypsyAngel
The stable...good thing we got a back-up bike if one breaks down...I wish.
Later on that evening as I was updating the ride report, I just so happen to catch a virus.  S.O.B!  I spent most of the night trying to fix it to no avail.  Eventually BlueLghtning recommended to reboot the system and transfer important files onto his hard drive and then upload it back on once the problem is erased.  Phew!  Thought it was gone for good.
Everyone trying to lend a hand
Staying at the house gave us a chance to recharge and do a little bike maintenance
Amanda and I helping out with dinner.  Our contribution: A big bowl of fruit salad!
Amanda found this drop-down ladder to the attic very cool
It is very rare to have both husband and wife share the same passion for adventure riding.  One day, both BlueLghtning & GypsyAngel will ride the TAT (Trans American Trail).  They definitely have the know-how and skill to do it.  Hopefully one day both Amanda and I will too.  BlueLghtning & GypsyAngel’s help has drastically changed the way we ride.
The riding couple.
Please don’t die on me laptop!
Christmas already?

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