Monday, 12 December 2011

October 27th - November 3rd, 2009 pt.3

Rain didn’t let up…another rest day.  Had lunch at the All-American Drive-In where their burgers are ranked top 10 on some list I don’t remember.  Tastes great and very inexpensive too! 
Hanging out with Pizza
The All-American Drive In
Taking my order.  Can't beat those prices.
Look at the grease reflecting from the camera flash!
The rain finally stopped and for the first time ever, we were introduced to the Tag-O-Rama game.  Long Island had a region of their own and luckily enough, Aphazia knew where the current location was and wasn’t far off.  So off we went; riding in the night to grab the tag. 
Got the tag!
Later on that evening Eboola was off work and took us out for dinner in the area where she grew up.

I guess it would be fitting to have Manhattan's version of clam chowder
When we got back to Aphazia’s place, it didn’t take long before we were rockin it out on Rock Band and for us to partake in that game…we needed a little liquid courage…and that was when we were introduced to the wonderful tasty drink—The Amaretto Sour. 

Tag-O-Rama game.
Great excuse to ride your bike.
Better not get bruced.

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