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November 9th-10th, 2009

After our brief stint in Philly yesterday, we headed to Woodbine, NJ to meet up with DeerslayR.  By then it was already dark and I don’t think we would’ve made it out alive without Enormiss leading us out of the city limits.  Chilly ride, but not unbearable.  Senses on high alert; waiting for a deer to jump out at any moment.  I hate riding at night in rural areas.  DeerslayR left a number to call, not an address.  I just knew the town he lived in.  I called DeerslayR with my cell when we arrived in town.  No answer, just the machine.  I left my number and waited.  Shortly afterwards he called and started giving me directions.  I guess he forgot that I had a GPS because he was giving me way too much information for my feeble brain to retain.  I was patient.  By the end of it I politely asked for the street name and number.  We arrived at DeerslayRs’ place and he was there to greet us at the entrance to his driveway.  We shot the breeze and got introduced to his family over a nice pork loin dinner.  We found out that DeerslayR and his son CrazyBrian were in the Meteor run this afternoon.  They could’ve ridden right past us without even knowing; probably when we were still snoozing in our tent. 
Casa DeerslayR
One of the members of the family
With everyone at work or in school today, Amanda and I rode into Atlantic City to check the scene out.  One of the things we immediately noticed during the ride to AC was the beach towns leading up to it—they were all empty.  It was like riding through a ghost town.  We found out later that during the summer the place is packed.

We headed back to DeerslayRs’ place before nightfall.  It was time for an oil change for my steed and I used Rotella T for the first time.  With that price, how could I not be converted?  We spent the rest of the evening talking about bikes. 

We were planning to leave the next morning and DeerslayR recommended that we ride through Cape May on our way out.  The next day, DeerslayR was off work early and decided to ride with us.  Once CrazyBrian caught word of that, it didn’t take long for him to follow suit.  Woo Hoo!  We’re riding 4-deep today! 
A scary thing happened on our way to Cape May.  We were approaching a turn in the road, DeerslayR was up front, Amanda second, I was third and CrazyBrian at the rear.  All of a sudden I hear a crash behind me.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw CrazyBrian and his GS sliding on the pavement.  The only thing I could think of at that point was if he was alright.  It turned out that there was a slick spot on the road.  Probably fish slime.  CrazyBrian was fine; just a few scratches on his jacket where the body armor was positioned.  Then it hit me.  I’m wearing leathers, but no body armor whatsoever.  That could’ve been me and I’m sure it would’ve shattered my elbow.  It got me thinking.  CrazyBrian headed back home because the bike was having difficulty starting up again.  We had to push-start it to get it going again.  We said our farewells to CrazyBrian and the 3 of us proceeded onwards. 

Here...smell my bad breath!

Get a room you two!
Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any more worse, DeerslayRs’ airhead ran out of gas.  Luckily we were carrying a siphon that HE lent us!  Priceless. 

We had lunch at a diner and nearly died of overeating because of the size of the portions.  Thought we had learned our lesson the last time we ate at a Jersey diner. 

After lunch, DeerslayR guided us in the right direction before saying farewell.  We were going to pass through Delaware and into Clarksburg, MD where TheDudeHimself resides. 

Life on the boardwalk.
Tricky fish slime on the road.
Armor on my mind…

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