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November 6th-7th, 2009

Last night we rode to Neptune City to look for Dshoe.  We stopped at a public library to connect with him and to confirm his location.  He told us he was working nights and that we could meet him there.  The address read: 225 Route 35 South…Tattooville Neptune.  Dshoe was a tattoo artist.  Friggin awesome. 

Dshoe gave us a tour of the parlor and we had a chance to watch him work.  The environment was very laid back and casual.  We shot the breeze getting to know one another while Dshoe was at work.  We even got to know the client he was currently working on.  Later on that evening we went out to grab a bite at Asbury Lanes; a bowling alley that had alternative bands playing live music on some nights.  Dshoe got a phone call from his lady friend from NY telling him that she was coming over.  He then thought it would be a great opportunity for us all to go fishing in the ocean the next morning.  The last time I went fishing in the ocean, I remember getting sea sick and puking my brains out.  It must’ve been 15 years ago.  I hope that condition goes away with age. 

We all got up bright and early.  The weather was chilly, but sunny for the most part.  The waters started to get choppy when we were out in the open waters.  Man, what a view. 
Far off in the distance was England I guess.  Mind boggling for someone to have the ambition to cross over the Atlantic back in the day.  We were following the birds because they were following the schools of bait fish and when there’s bait fish; there’s bigger fish trying to eat the bait fish.  It must stink being on the bottom of the food chain.  We had at least 2 lines trolling behind the boat with artificial lures and it wasn’t long before something snagged them; it was blue fish.  We must’ve caught 8 or 10 that day.  They say that blue fish aren’t that very good to eat, but we had to try it since we hadn’t eaten blue fish before.  We kept 2.  We headed north a wee bit to catch stripper; that’s when it started to get really choppy.  I started to feel a bit queasy, but luckily I was able to hold it together.  Amanda on the other hand was enjoying the bumpy ride sitting at the bow.  The waters didn’t look like they were going to get any better, so we started to head back in.

Casa Dshoe
Dshoe cleaned the fish and noticed that there were bait fish in one of the blue fish's belly
All four of us had a brilliant lunch that day; fresh from the ocean!
Dshoe went back to work later on that afternoon while we hung around at Asbury Park.  If only Bruce Springsteen was practicing with the E-Street Band...

Dinner at a Thai Restaurant

The next day, all of us went out riding around the area.  We rode to Horseshoe Cove and from a distance, you can still see the NY skyline…but dang it; I forgot to bring the camera.  We parted ways shortly after our ride and headed to the Pine Barrens to camp for the evening.  We needed to get back with nature.

Early wake up call.
Gorgeous art from ink and blood.
Kept my breakfast in.

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