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November 13th-17th, 2009

The morning was cold and clammy.  TheDudeHimself was going to ride with us to Whites Ferry and see us off.  He took us through some nice country roads; traffic was nearly non-existent.  When we got there, we said our goodbyes and watched TheDudeHimself ride off with his GS.  We were on our own again.
A moment to shake out our legs while we wait for the ferry
We’re riding to Elkton, VA where Bloochdog and Banshee had offered us a patch of grass to pitch our tent.  Bloochdog mentioned a care package he had prepared for us when we arrived there.  He also mentioned neither him nor Banshee will be there for the next few days because he had to take care of his other home in Norfolk while Banshee is at work.  By the time we got to Shenandoah NP it was raining with heavy fog.  Our initial game plan was to ride down skyline drive, but the park ranger advised us not to; we wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway.  We stuck with the main roads and finally reached our destination in Elkton.

We didn’t expect anyone to be home, but we noticed that there were, which could only mean two things:  Someone’s robbing the place or it’s Bloochdog.  It was the latter and we caught him just in time!  After getting to know one another, Bloochdog  decided it was alright for us to use the cabin.  He also requested that we stay a few nights so that the 4 of us; Bloochdog, Banshee, Amanda, and I could hang out.  We didn’t really have a time restraint and were well below the Mason/Dixon line.  Why the heck not!  So for the next couple of days, Amanda and I sat back and soaked in the Virginia sun.
Enjoying a glass of wine (an item from the care package) at sunset
The hammock might be a bit cozier
Keeping Beatrix entertained
Catching up on the ride report and going out for a jog earlier in the day
Starting a campfire
Chicken medallions hot off the grill
End of the day

Bloochdog came home one evening and spent the evening talking about the Blue Ridge Parkway over a nice salmon dinner. 

Banshee was coming home from work that evening and we were contemplating whether or not it was possible for the 4 of us to ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway and camp for a night and the next day; part ways while we continued south along the BRP.  If Banshee was in, the rest of us were definitely in.  When Banshee came home, Bloochdog proposed the idea to her and she was in.  Time to celebrate!  We spent the rest of the evening laughing and getting to one another.  Bloochdog and Banshee shared a wonderful story about how they first met at a BMW dealership.  If you happen to come across a BMW ad in a motorcycle magazine, chances are you’ve seen the two of them already.  Then later on in the evening we were initiated into the BWDR—The BullWinkle Death Riders.  Bloochdog and Banshee did an amazing job in capturing that moment on video.  It’s on one of the two threads we started up here on ADV.  We finished off the night by watching funny YouTube videos on the internet. 
The next day we were in no shape to go out camping.  We needed some time to recover from last night’s festivities.  We started the day off with a nice breakfast.

I think this was some kind of liver patty...Mmmm Mmmm good!

We rode out to Charlottesville...
...had a meal at the Mellow Mushroom!
Woah!  Purple haze!
The next day we were well rested and ready for camping along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Weather was a bit chilly, but that was to be expected. 
Packed and ready to go!

On route...
...we made it!  So it begins...
Riding the BRP was excellent!  Wonderful views, great asphalt, and zero traffic…except for the family of deer that was waiting for us in the middle of a sweeper. 

We bumped into Will from Willville Motorcycle Campground and he hooked us up with a place to camp

We had a great evening eatin up boil-in-the-bags, wine & cheese, and warm cozy campfire.  It was calling for rain the next day so we pitched our tents underneath a pavilion. 

Care package awaits.
Chillaxin in the cabin.
Start of the Parkway.

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