Thursday, 12 July 2012

September 7th-8th, 2010 pt.2

The travel time on the ferry from Port aux Basques to North Sydney, Nova Scotia will take approximately 6 hours; plenty of time to rest, explore and update the ride report.  My only concern is how choppy the waters are going to be; it’ll either be a pleasurable experience or a complete barf-o-rama extravaganza.  We’ll soon see.  

Aboard the MV Caribou; a gulfspan class icebreaking ropax ferry

Entering service in 1986, the MV Caribou can carry 1,200 passengers, 370 automobiles or 77 tractor trailers, and 106 crewmembers

Off we go!  I better enjoy the scenery while the waters are calm within the harbor. 

Weather looks promising; we might be alright after all

A lighthouse to guide the way

One last glimpse of Port aux Basques.  So long Newfoundland!  Thanks for the memories! 

We enjoyed the complimentary entertainment that was provided.  We watched the movie The Bucket List and the latest James Bond installment Quantum of Solace. 

A little caramel pudding to liven things up

Live music was played at the Killick Lounge

Trying on the latest fashion at the souvenir shop 

Checking to see if the GPS works…looks like we’re using maps from here on in

Uh oh, weather not looking so good…

…but thank goodness the waters were calm. It was a pleasurable experience after all. 

Cross the Cabot Strait.

Ninety-six nautical miles.

Caribou sets sail.

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