Sunday, 22 July 2012

September 18th-19th, 2010

No need for an alarm clock this morning; the family pets were already preprogrammed to chirp at the break of dawn.

Another glorious meal from chef PavementPounder: pancakes & sausage with eggs benedict on toast.  We’re going to have trouble fitting into our riding gear.

PavementPounder is in the process of building his house from scratch.  I can’t imagine how rewarding it will feel when the project is complete.  PavementPounder is tinkering with a broken fog light on his GS while Amanda’s bike is due for an oil change.

We left PavementPounder’s house at around noon and thanked him and his family for their hospitality.  We stopped at a military surplus store in Fredericton and picked up a Middle East head scarf called a shemagh.  I’m not one to follow any political trends or views, but I hear that when one dons a shemagh, they’re making a political statement in support of Palestine.  I like the shemagh solely for its practicality and various uses; I wish I had one of these at the beginning of the trip. 

We decided to make our way back into the U.S. to spend a night with MZcountryboy we met earlier at the Skibum Soiree and then head over back to Canuman.  We started our trip together with him and it is only fitting to end the trip with him to complete the circle. 

A quick break near the U.S. border in a town called McAdam, NB

We decided to camp one more night in Canada before hopping the border once again.  We managed to find a decent spot by a pond behind the historic McAdam Railway Station. 

The next morning we rode to the border crossing in Vanceboro and had no problems there

We didn’t make it as far east in Maine at the beginning of the trip, so we’re glad we get to ride through this time around. 

We spent all day riding as far west as we could and eventually stopped at the side of the road near Rumford, Maine.  We found a driveway that led to a public boat launch and decided to camp here. 

656 km

Handy piece of cloth. 

No interest in politics.

Back in the U.S.

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