Tuesday, 24 July 2012

September 20th, 2010 pt.2

So we didn’t splurge while we were at Whitehorse Gear.  I was very close to pulling the trigger on a throat mic made by Fox Industries, but decided to back out.  I figure that we spent the past year without any communication headsets, why start now?  There were a ton of goodies that would be nice to have, but all the essentials we already own.  Oh well, we didn’t get anything new and exciting for our bikes, but at least we get to ride through the White Mountains.

From North Conway, we took route 302 en route to MZcountryboy’s place near Marshfield…

…and enjoyed the occasional twists and turns.

We’re riding through green hills and mountains then all of a sudden the road flattens and wham, the luxurious Mount Washington Hotel comes into view with Mount Washington itself towering in the backdrop. 

Even though the GPS can no longer pick up a signal, I can still use it to plot out routes and get directions.  It no longer gives me real-time directions.  For some reason the GPS directed us to take this road…

…that eventually disappeared into a forest.  I remember MZcountryboy sent us an email telling us not to use the GPS because it will lead us astray, but I had forgotten about it at the time. 

We plotted another route that avoided side roads and made it to MZcountryboy’s place safe and sound

It was tricky finding his place in the dark because he lived in a wooded area.  Surely we would’ve passed it if it wasn’t for MZcountryboy standing out in front of his driveway to flag us in with his flashlight. 

Here’s his GS sidecar rig I had mentioned earlier about…

…and his project bike, which I think is near completion if not already. 

We met MZcountryboy’s wife who is an artist and works from her studio here at the house

Amen sister!

We had these awesome quesadillas they had made for supper and talked about MZcountryboy’s experience when he and his friend took the ferry to St. Pierre et Miquelon when they were out east in Newfoundland.  St. Pierre et Miquelon is a group of small islands near Newfoundland which is owned and governed by France.  Here’s the link to his ride report: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=610153

We all got a little silly after a few drinks.

143 km

Refrained from splurging.

Never trust technology. 

Little taste of France.  

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