Sunday, 8 July 2012

September 4th, 2010

Despite the slight hangover, we still managed to wake up at a reasonable hour to make the most out of the day.  Today we ride what is known to Newfoundlanders as the Trinity Loop; a scenic route that involves riding through quaint little villages, along the coast, and the beautiful Bonavista Lighthouse.  

“What part of Newfoundland are you from?  Get the f*@k outta here!  I’m from Spread Eagle, Wisconsin!”

We pulled over onto a side road to get fuel and noticed the local volunteer fire hall was having a fundraiser by selling hotdogs.  I guess now would be a good time to have lunch.

A basket of blueberries and raspberries for a dollar each; hard to say no. 

Well we didn’t quite make it to Bonavista, but at least it will give us ample time to explore tomorrow morning.  It started to get windy late afternoon so it was probably wise for us to quit while we’re still ahead. 

We managed to find a patch of grass on a side road that led to a trail.  When we realized that the trail became too narrow for us to maneuver, we turned back and camped at the opening. 

253 km

Butt end of the joke.

Enjoying fruits of the land.

Beyond single track.  

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