Monday, 16 July 2012

September 13th-14th, 2010

This morning we had a hard time trying to decipher the directions Wayne had given us to their place.  Eventually we stopped at a house alongside of the road and asked for directions.  The man was nice enough to let us use his cell phone to call Yvonne & Wayne, but his wife had difficulty accepting us.  For no reason at all she started cussing and yelling at her husband and the man just simply ignored her as if she wasn’t even there.  We felt awkward and wanted to get going before things escalate, but Wayne knew where we were and insisted it would be better off to come to us and lead us back to their place.  So there we were, waiting at the side of the road while the lady went from yelling and cussing at her husband to yelling and cussing to herself out in their backyard.  Frankly, I found it quite entertaining, but I think she might have one too many loose screws in her noggin. 

 Hanging out with family friends Yvonne and Kimberly

We met the family cat…

…and the family dog

She was a bit of a wild one.  She would get that twinkle in her eye…

…and then BAM, she was all over you.  Feisty one she is.

We had roasted chicken and homemade mustard pickles for supper.  The mustard pickles were really good.

 Dessert made from scratch.  Yvonne and Kimberly were raised out in the country and their mom naturally passed down her knowledge of the culinary arts to them.  

5-star accommodations were provided.  I would live in a trailer for the rest of my days if I could; the simplicity and mobility strikes a chord within me.  

The next morning we had fresh eggs from the range for breakfast

Amanda and Kimberly out on a nature walk…

…I stayed back at the house glued to Kimberly’s iPod Touch.  I have a soft spot for technology and gadgetry. 

While Yvonne and Amanda were in the kitchen making homemade jam later that afternoon…

…I was out in the yard changing my rear tire.

Shinkos were good, but I think Kendas are better

I don’t know how many times I’ve done this, but spooning on a tire has almost become second nature

Wayne made chili for supper that’s been cooking in the slow cooker since this morning.  We then watched a movie from Kimberly’s vast library of anime DVDs to conclude the evening.

Out in the country.

Cooking lessons 101.

Catching up with friends.


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