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August 29th, 2010

This morning we were woken up by the sound of children outside of our tent; must be mid-morning judging by the buildup of heat inside.  We popped our heads outside and noticed two little girls sitting beside a box, each one of them eating an apple.  We introduced ourselves and told them where we’re from, but they were more interested in the mysterious box they were guarding.  We inquired what was inside and they revealed it was a box full of apples like the ones you see at the grocery store.  I guess somebody must have left it behind from a previous gathering or family picnic here in the park.  We examined the apples carefully to make sure they were alright to eat and they were.  Just as they were about to take their treasure to their secret hiding place, they realized the box was too heavy for them to carry and offered us to take some.  We ended up taking 2 bags of apples, which made the box manageable for the girls to carry.  They were very friendly and well spoken.  

We continued riding east along the Trans Canada Highway 1 and stopped at a gas station to top off on fuel and met the owner who also managed the restaurant next door.  He was a jolly fellow and was playing songs native to Newfoundland on his accordion for his customers.  Once again, people naturally inquire about where we’re from by the way our bikes are loaded up and the next thing we know, the owner gave us directions to a place where we can camp for free in King’s Point.  One of the attractions here in King’s Point is the Humpback Whale Pavilion. 

We looked around and eventually found a gazebo to camp in.  We’re probably not supposed to do this, but if we leave early enough and tidy up; who’s going to know? 

We had vegetable soup and chopped carrots for supper…

..then gazed out into the open waters hoping to spot a humpback or an iceberg.  I doubt we’ll be seeing any icebergs; they’re long gone at this time of year. 

134 km

Friendly encounters.

Cache of apples discovered.

Song of the humpback.

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